Tours on Lake Maggiore: the Canne di Dormelletto

Lake Maggiore is one of the most popular and visited places in northern Italy and for this reason several tour operators of Lake Maggiore have been created over time, specializing in the organization of tours, excursions and guided tours throughout the lake area.

Among the many destinations selected by tour operators in the area and by tourist circuits, it is worth mentioning the Canne di Dormelletto Nature Reserve, a protected natural area that extends on the Piedmont side of the lake for about 150 hectares.

The Piedmont Region, together with the Municipality of Dormelletto and the Lake Maggiore Reserves Authority, have decided to protect this area, which is so precious for its naturalistic characteristics. Among the peculiarities of this area there is certainly the presence of dense reed beds populated by a species called “marsh straw”, a plant that can reach up to three meters high, with a stem covered with leaves at the top of which there is a sort of plume, called “cob”. This particular and suggestive environment, often appreciated by both adults and children, plays an important role in the control and purification of water and also plays the important role of perfect habitat to accommodate the wintering and nesting of many species of animals. To date, more than 100 different species of birds have been identified and recorded in the park.

The naturalistic area that hosts the reeds of Dormelletto, which stands on the shores of Lake Maggiore, is also a refuge for many fish species, such as pike and carp, which lay their eggs on the reeds thus obtaining protection and food. In addition, the area also hosts a breeding of thoroughbred horses and some pastures: a real paradise for children who are passionate about it, giving us an important opportunity for growth, enrichment and playful training. The area is a sort of all-Italian Camargue, where the unspoilt nature allows the visitor to disconnect with the routine and noisy background of metropolitan life, to take refuge in a quiet and protected place. But that’s not all, because the area of Canne di Dormelletto also offers the opportunity to practice sports in the open air and in direct contact with nature a few kilometers from the reserve, such as water skiing, a way to appreciate the nature of a magical place outside the world. It is no coincidence that, in addition to the tour operators who organize trips and guided tours in the area, over time, there are also numerous campsites with all the comforts to offer visitors a unique and unrepeatable experience.

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