The Medici Family and Artistic Masterpieces in Florence

Florence is one of the cities of art with the highest number of works and artistic masterpieces, this record brings it to be one of the most visited Italian cities.

All this artistic and historical heritage of inestimable value derives from the great past of Florence and from the far-sighted choices made by the rulers at a time when Florence was the cultural, artistic and scientific center of Europe.

Among the major proponents of the artistic and cultural wealth of the Tuscan capital is the very important de Medici family, this dynasty comes from an ancient family that since the Middle Ages seems to have resided in the Mugello area, this information comes from the fact that the first members of this dynasty were owners of land and castles in this rural area located north-east of Florence.

The rise of the Medici was constant and sudden until they came to govern Florence for three centuries, in addition to obtaining the government of the city several members of the family de Medici held positions of absolute prestige managing to get to have three popes and two queens of France in addition to many important role in Florence even before their government.

It seems that the fortune of the dynasty began with the trade in wool and then continued in other areas with the purchase of land and possessions of various kinds, one of the strengths of the Medici was certainly the support of the influential state of the Vatican to which they were always deeply attached.

Everything that the Medici dynasty produced in Florence from an artistic point of view would not have been preserved in the Tuscan city if there had not been the famous family pact wanted by the Medici themselves and completed by Anna Maria Luisa, the last member of the great Florentine dynasty.

Anna Maria Luisa de Medici known in Florence as the electrician Palatine following the family rules sanctioned the bequest of all property and immense artistic heritage to the state that at that time was the Grand Duchy of Tuscany, the immense heritage passed into the hands of the city with the constraint that no work was sold or brought outside of Florence.

Thanks to the family pact sanctioned by the electrician Palatina, the masterpieces and works of art in the Medici collections can now be visited in the Uffizi and other museums in the city, as a result of this choice made by the de Medici family, the museums of Florence have had such a worldwide success that they have become the most visited Italian museums and the works kept in them are among the most admired masterpieces of all.

Still today Florence is immensely grateful to the Medici dynasty, which is frequently celebrated with events and congresses that take place regularly every year in the large squares and palaces of the Tuscan city, the same places that saw the ruling doctors rule with great wisdom and magnificence.

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