Summer in Palermo, What to do and What to Eat

Here is a small guide that can be of help to all those who will make a holiday in Palermo, we recommend what are the experiences to do, the places to visit and the food to taste, in practice everything that is special in this beautiful city.

The first advice is to book, well in advance, the accommodation that can be a hotel or a b & b Palermo center, even better if it is near the central station or the metro, so you have the opportunity to visit the center on foot and take public transport such as the train or bus to move to other nearby locations.

Here is a small list of what you can not miss if you are in Palermo, the order is random but it can be a good idea to draw up a list according to your personal tastes.

  1. Visit the popular markets of Palermo: La Vucciria, BallarĂ², il Capo and Borgo Vecchio. You can not say you were in Palermo if you do not visit at least one of these places, these ancient markets have very ancient origins. They are places that citizens live daily, are crowded and noisy but it is worth visiting them.
  2. Go to the sea in Mondello or Capo Gallo. They are seaside resorts that are about 15/20 minutes from Palermo by car, you can also get there by public transport (which works well for this route). Mondello is a paradise beach, during the summer is the scene of many sporting events related to the sea as windsurfing. Loved by locals and tourists, it is the closest beach to the city. Capo Gallo is a few hundred meters from Mondello and is a reserve, suitable for those who prefer the rocks.
  3. Visit the House-Museum Rooms to the Engineer. It is located inside the eighteenth-century building Torre Piraino in the Kalsa district. Inside it is divided into 4 areas, each room has a name and have different styles and decorations including 2300 ancient majolica tiles and objects of the time. They are often used to present cultural events and exhibitions.
  4. The Cathedral and the Palace of the Normans. They are two of the symbols of the city, every year they are visited by millions of tourists. The Cathedral was once a Mosque, and is characterized by different styles. Inside it houses the tomb of Emperor Frederick II and the Paltina Chapel, the latter is a spectacle of Byzantine paintings. The Norman Palace is located near the Cathedral and is an example of Roman architecture, is among the most beautiful and best-preserved in Italy. Even today it is used by the Sicilian Parliament as a seat.
  5. The Massimo Vittorio Emanuele Theatre. It is the largest opera house in Italy and one of the largest in Europe, a unique architectural example. The theater is always active, if you wish, you could attend one of the many shows on the program.
  6. Lose yourself in the historic centre. The historic center of Palermo is among the largest in Italy so it has much to offer and there are many squares, churches, alleys, historic buildings, etc. The advice that I feel like giving you is to spend half a day of your holiday to go around and walk through the streets of the center without a specific destination. It may seem strange to you but it is the best way to visit it, you will notice unique urban views, squares and streets that are not always marked on the guides but that are worth a visit.
  7. Eat in the street. Palermo is famous all over the world for its quality street food, in every outdoor place you will come across street vendors who sell the traditional street food of Palermo. Among the most famous are the bread and panelle, bread with spleen, sfincione Palermo, the fried, the caldume and much more, these we mentioned are only the most famous.
  8. The hot table and the rotisserie. The Palermo area has always offered many specialties that are found only in these areas, the arancine and pizza are the best known but we recommend you try a little of everything. You will be surprised by the variety of gastronomic pieces in the shop windows of the bars.
  9. Sweets and ice cream. In terms of sweets, the whole of Sicily is renowned, the ones you must absolutely try are: ice cream, granite, cannolo, cassata Siciliana and dry almond sweets.

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