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Clash Royale Review: Think Twice and Attack

Clash Royale is a multiplayer game with elements of collectible card titles, tower defense, and fighting. It invites you to enter the Arena and compete. 

At the same time, you will sue defensive towers to protect yourself from the aggressive opponents and later send your troops to destroy the settlement of your enemies. 

It is played in real time and requires strategic thinking and rapid reactions.

Key Objectives

The title is very well designed. The vivid cartoonish visuals are eye-pleasing. You will fight against other players in the cartoon battles. 

The event is lasting, challenging, and engaging. You will find it rather difficult. Sometimes, you will need a lot of patience to master the needed skill. Otherwise, you will have to pay real money to unlock the upgrades and other things you need to continue playing. 

The controls are not complicated. In order to increase your troops, just drag the desired cards onto the battlefield. 

The battle lasts for a couple of minutes and in the end you will get the rewards in the form of gems, gold, and additional characters. Thus, you will be able to improve decks and upgrade combatants.

Plenty of Features

As we have mentioned you will duel the players in real time and get rewarded in case of your victory. You will collect and upgrade cards with spells, the Clash of Clans troops, Princes, Baby Dragons, and more. Also, you are expected to upgrade the cards you have. 

You can invite your friends to take part in a private fight. If you win, you will receive crowns and trophies. Continue playing and create your own clan, constructing your Battle Deck. 

You can take any chance to learn from the others and polish your battle tactics. There are videos with the best duels streaming on TV Royale. Enjoy it and adopt methods.

For the Fans of

  • Getting a quick thrill;
  • Addictive games with a nice balance of free and paid options;
  • One-handed play.

Plenty of Ideas

The title is full of various features and subgenres allowing you to prefer it and play for hours enjoying the coming fresh content. The bright and well-designed visuals add to the value and make this game pleasant to play. 

Mind, that there are moments when you have to wait for your resources for hours and that can be avoided if you go to the store and pay for them. Invest in the game using common sense.

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by Alice Grace

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