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Clash of Clans Review: Action-Oriented Game

Clash of Clans is a strategy title where you will face an endless range of tasks to perform. Be ready to compete with other real players and the powerful artificial intellect. 

You will be involved in plenty of activities. Just join millions of players and start erecting buildings, settle the village, and create your own clan. 

The game comes with plenty of updates adding to the replayability.

High-level Battles

The visuals are perfectly made in the cartoon style which makes all battles childish, though still detailed and beautiful. The characters are stunning and the environment is vivid. 

This 2D village builder will provide you with a helpful toolset that allows you to create diverse constructions. It is quite convenient to play due to smooth mechanics. 

The gameplay is diverse and rich. You will gather and train the troops. The latter activity will take you some time, but you should not avoid it as far as it is very important. 

Your character will meet different opponents on his way. There are brave Barbarians and mysterious Wizards. In addition, you are expected to mine the resources of various kinds like gold and elixir which are necessary for the reconstruction of the kingdom. 

Do not forget to upgrade your equipment. You can take part in PvP and play in the single-player campaign. There are a lot of chances to test your skills.

Fighting is not the Only Thing to Do Here

In addition to battles, you will be involved in getting resources. We’d even say, this is your key mission – to earn the resources, to make or buy them. 

You should have enough weapons, decorations, shelters to continue and level up. Remember that the enemy is a powerful AI that will prevent you from achieving your goals. 

Develop your tactics and strategy so that the gathered and earned resources generate value. Then the replayability will be even better. 

If you prefer to get the most out of the title, you can buy additional resources to succeed.

For the Fans of

  • The polished gameplay of cartoon style;
  • Diverse gameplay with various tendencies;
  • Competitions in epic wars.

Full of Diverse Content

Clash of Clans is played on the go in high quality and with plenty of players. You succeed spending your real money on purchases or refusing to pay. Anyway, the result will be true but the time is different. Complete your missions and enjoy the brilliant gameplay.

Professional Review

by Alice Grace

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