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Pokémon Shuffle Mobile Review: Well Executed Match-3 Formula

Pokémon Shuffle Mobile is an amazing match-3 game with a lot of puzzles of various difficulty levels. There is a board and you are expected to line up three or more creatures on it meeting the requirements. From time to time, you will fight against the wild Pokémon. 

The game looks clear even with the low resolution of small mobile displays.

Playing the Rules

You should move vertically or horizontally choosing the right direction in accordance with your current strategy. But first, you are expected to select a Pokémon in the puzzle area. Your choice will lead to combos automatically. 

The gameplay is rather simple but some aspects require logical thinking and strategic approach. Each stage comes with its wild Pokémon. You will navigate the kind Pokémon which has a health bar. 

You should clear the stage matching three or more identical tiles, moving towards the next one. The only restriction is the number of moves. If you succeed, the matched tiles disappear falling down but the line is refilled with next randomly generated tiles. 

There are various boosters resulting in combo chains and other rewarding effects which increase score points. When you reach the tiles with a wild Pokémon, it means the time to attack is ripe.

Lots of Everything

Be ready to cope with a great diversity of stages, Pokémons, challenges, and side missions. The title is constantly updated but even its basic package is rich in levels and achievements. It will be interesting both for experts and beginners bringing a lot of fun. 

Every level comes with its set amount of moves. If you are stuck, you can buy them. 

When you clear the stage or when you fail to do it, one of your hearts will be gone. The additional one will appear just in 30 minutes and even if you manage to do without losses, you will find it difficult to play half an hour with 5 available hearts only. Again, you can buy them to continue. 

As you see, there are a lot of tricks and terms to know and to master. The first levels of the title can be used just for this purpose – as a tutorial.

For the Fans of

  • Pokemons as a brand;
  • The hardcore challenges;
  • The match-3 genre.

Great Game

The game can be played casually or for purpose when you are collecting the power-ups, battling against the monsters, and gaining a higher score. The playing process will deliver hours of fun. 

There are in-game coins and a lot of ways to spend them. Thus, you should be careful with your wallet while getting excited.

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by Alice Grace

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