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Ocean Blast Review: Enjoy Addictive Gameplay

Ocean Blast is a perfect match 3 game for players of any age. This is a perfect relaxer, time killer, and quality entertainment. This casual title delivers quite a lot of puzzles to solve. Download and play it for free! 

This is a nice training for your brain too in particular at the higher levels. You will get a rich experience while you are progressing.

Diverse Gameplay

When you launch the game, you will see a hexagonal board with tiles filled in with various creatures of vivid colors. You should match two or more items of the same appearance to solve puzzles. When you manage to perform the task, the level will be cleared up. 

There are particular requirements complicating things. For instance, you should match with the limited number of moves or restricted time. You will create various chains and perform challenges step by step. 

In addition to matching, you will be involved in side missions like fighting against bosses, eliminating coral, extricating the fish from a net. There are various boosters allowing you to speed up the things and catch the fish you want. And that is important to do it before the available moves are over.

Eye-pleasing Game

You are suggested to enjoy the well-done cartoon graphics with cute and vivid characters-creatures. You will enjoy an unusual visual effect and quite diverse ocean design. 

Being very challenging and addictive, Ocean Blast grants solid rewards for your efforts. You will get various bonuses, power-ups, and boosters. But stay focused as far as the game is not over! 

Twice a month the fresh content comes with challenging levels and amazing options. Thus, the replayability of this title is very high. The controls are comprehensive and responsive. Perform actions with simple tapping.

For the Fans of:

  • Match-3 games;
  • The increasing difficulty of the levels;
  • Constant updates with new content.

Catch Fish and Gain Rewards

We recommend to download Ocean Blast if you like the match-3 genre. It is well designed being rather smart and eye-pleasing. There is a colorful underwater world with cute creatures and challenging tasks. 

You will be suggested to play alone or compete with other players. Enjoy the updates, and do your best to get the greatest prize. Being quite childish, the title is not for kids at all when it comes to the higher levels. Enjoy the chain reactions, epic bosses, adorable sea environment, and more details.

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by Alice Grace

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