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Kids Animals Jigsaw Puzzles Review: Escape from the Stresses of the Day

Kids Animals Jigsaw is a mobile game for kids mostly based on jigsaw puzzles. You will get the boards on the screen with plenty of colorful fragments making the entire pictures on various themes. This is a nice relaxing activity allowing you to wind down on your own or together with your beloved, friend, or family.

Like a Real Jigsaw Puzzle

This board game comes with the most comprehensive rules but that does not mean the challenges are so simple to perform. Here everything depends on you. The games of this kind teach to concentrate your attention on the single activity and consider the details being able to find similarity in a large number of pieces. If you are fond of real jigsaw puzzles, you can try this app. 

Though its collections are focused on kids, the puzzles are not very detailed and complicated, consisting of images with cartoon characters like unicorns and dinosaurs, as well as splendid scenes and still-life paintings drawn by a skilled artist. 

The controls are easy. You should tap on the piece and then tap on the place you want it to be located. You should select thoughtfully as far as there is no option allowing to remove the piece once it is already on the board. If you make a mistake, you can slide it within the board finding the right place. When you succeed, you get a reward.

Pleasant Bonuses

First, you will be impressed by the fascinating HD graphics allowing you to enjoy every image as a real masterpiece. The basic package comes with over 80 jigsaw puzzles of different kinds and unique rewards. 

You are suggested to choose the difficulty level depending on the number of pieces. For instance, the youngest of kids can enjoy the games containing 6 and 9 pieces while the puzzles made of 72 pieces bring a strong challenge for the adults. You can develop your skill level starting from an easy variant and move towards the complicated ones. 

The online version of the popular game can be played on the go at any place you have time without any risk to lose a piece, as far as puzzles all are available on your screen.

For the Fans of:

  • Natural mechanics;
  • The genre as it is;
  • Quality studio art.

A lot of Jigsaw Puzzles of Diverse Complicity

The game comes with a rich collection of images and additional offerings available for free. Just download beautiful images with various scenes. There are collections dedicated to some holidays like Christmas and Halloween. 

This title is very good for kids helping them to develop concentration and patience being able to arrange pieces and get a picture as the whole.

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by Alice Grace

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