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Fruit Nibblers Review: Pure Joy and High Replay Value

Fruit Nibblers a match-3 puzzle game with progressing complicity. If you have ever played Candy Crush Saga, you will find a lot in common with it. Match four, five, or more fruit to increase your score. Be ready for numerous tricks and obstacles. Nibblers is absolutely free to download and play. Though, you will be suggested the optional in-app purchases which you will hardly refuse due to the high complexity of challenges.

How to Play?

When you launch the title, on its Homepage you will see a board with tiles filled in with brightly designed items. You will be suggested to match three or more items that have some elements in common. Mostly these items are fruit. Create combinations and they will disappear from the screen. 

There are particular rules connected with the number of moves or time limits. The later levels come with more complicated challenges when you are expected to match the specific ingredients. 

There are various obstacles preventing you from succeeding. You will cope with them playing over 200 levels. Be ready for boss battles every 30 levels. Here you will fight against monsters with rare abilities. The app allows exchanging gifts among friends.

What About Help?

The gameplay is comprehensive and you won’t need any tutorials to start this title. But the complicity will grow while you level up. You will hardly be able to solve the puzzles without using the power-ups. The help can be earned if you view the advertisement or you can buy it for real money. 

Also, you can reach your friends on Facebook and ask them to render assistance. You always have a choice not to pay, but in this case, you will have to wait until you are allowed to retry and that is not good. 

If you prefer a social game, you can invite your Facebook contacts to join and challenge them in the leaderboards. It is fun to follow the progress on the island map and compete.

For the Fans of

  • Hard challenges which are almost impossible to perform;
  • Diversity within the gameplay;
  • Splendid graphics.

All is Nice Here

The title is well-done providing tons of levels that are catchy due to their simplicity at first and hardcore complicity approximately from the 40th level. 

Then, the lovely entertaining match-3 game will make you pay for the success or bring your skills to perfection. It is not very difficult. The rules are easy to pick up so you will enjoy playing from the first try.

Professional Review

by Alice Grace

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