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Disco Ducks Review: Have Much Fun

Disco Ducks is a title inviting you to match colorful ducks to win and explore the suggested world following the heroes taking part in the daily events in a non-stop format. When you succeed, you will be able to make them dance. It is available for free and comes with the in-app purchases adding to the replayability greatly.

Vibrant Atmosphere

The graphics are made in a bright manner with numerous cartoon characters. You will enjoy stunningly beautiful visuals and hand-crafted animated environments. There are a lot of cute ducks in this gaming world. Here you will enjoy the characters and music of the ’70s and quite challenging tasks to perform. You will explore the suggested world around. But the key mission is to dance here. 

You will play to pleasant music – funny serenades sung by ducklings. The control scheme is simple. You will be suggested to perform the actions with tapping, holding, and swiping from time to time. The title is constantly updated.

Play Endlessly 

You will find tons of dancing Disco Ducks looking nice. All of them have particular skills. Thus, you can collect the heroes, find out more of their potential, and master their capabilities. The game comes with tons of addictive levels which could be more complicated but anyway they are nice to play. 

The high level of entertainment increases the virtues of this title. In order to diversify the gameplay, you are suggested to pick up the different power-ups boosting the process, apply colorful combos, build, and even fight protecting your property from villains. 

Enjoy disco tunes which are different every time you play. This title will show you such a vibrant dance that you could not even imagine. This is a completely new level of disco. In addition, you will be invited to follow the funny ducks throughout the world completing the new levels with challenging gameplay.

For the Fans of:

  • The games which do not allow getting bored;
  • Stable increase in the difficulty of the challenges;
  • Addictive gameplay.

Addictive and… Again Addictive

The game comes without advertisement for free. Enjoy the disco tricks, nice sounding and perfect graphics. You will match the colorful ducks on the broad and get the rewards for the performed tasks. Get ready to explore the new world and join those funny characters in any adventures arranged by the authors of the gameplay.

Professional Review

by Alice Grace

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