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Candy Crush Saga Review: It is Played by Millions

Candy Crush Saga is a well-done match-three game designed in juicy colors in accordance with a tasty theme. Here you will get a board filled in with tempting candies and a range of the rules which should be followed to perform the tasks.

How to Play?

On one side, the game is simple to play. The gameplay is about matching the candies in threes in accordance with the particular marks. There is a board where the candies of various shapes and hues are located. Try to arrange them as it is required, and you are a winner! 

But on the other side, there are various restrictions and terms making your success quite challenging. For instance, you have a limited number of lives and every failure will take your life away. 

There are several complicity levels which can be played alone or competing with other players. Anyway, if you succeed to match the candies, they disappear – and that is good. There are also side missions, boosters allowing you to get around rules. 

If you feel confused, you can benefit from the in-app purchases paying your real money for them.

Design, Safety, and Sounding

As we have already mentioned, the app is designed in bright diverse colors when the candy sprinkles are shining on your screen. Those yummy items should be matched. Such a joyful look heightens the interest and delights the eye. 

The animated confectionery is diverse and rather realistic. The controls are extremely simple. Just tap the items you suppose to match each other. The instructions, which you may need, will be displayed on the screen so that you can track your result and be aware of the time remaining. 

If you compete with other players, you will see the score in the leaderboards. The calculations are made in an accurate manner. Play to the pleasant music and enjoy the excitement.

For the Fans of

  • Match-three puzzle games;
  • Quality time wasters;
  • Endless challenges to perform.

It is Really Good

The title is highly recommended to download so that it is available for free. You will have fun playing it, performing tasks, trying to follow the rules. If you like the genre itself, you will enjoy this release. There are some difficulties but you can avoid them or accept without troubles. For instance, your progress may depend on such things as tickets which can be earned or bought. Thus, sometimes you should try hard or pay your real money if you want to get the result.

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by Alice Grace

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