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Angry Birds Space Review: Play with Gravitational Fluctuations

Angry Birds Space is an action game packed with numerous puzzles. Be ready to chase a giant claw while navigating birds that are trying to return their eggs. You will float in an outer space completing your challenges on various planets.

What is the Game About?

First, the title looks great. You will enjoy the spectacular visuals with those birds designed in a new futuristic style. The sequel comes with a lot of changes providing you with new cosmetic elements, gravitational environment, birds flying around the planets, and crashing into all objects they meet on their way causing the consequences. 

You will be suggested to solve various tasks and complete a range of challenges. The birds will have various abilities and much more. You will benefit from any feature applying the responsive and simple controls. Just tap or drag to aim, shoot, direct a bird to eliminate pigs. 

Here you should learn the rules to understand the potential of every hero and the way how you can launch the birds. The difficulty of levels will increase and you can retry them if you like to try a different strategy. 

Play as Long as You Like

If you have played the origin, you should be ready to get the new mechanics which will suggest an idea that this is a game of luck. By no means the events depend on you here. There are coincidental affairs or reactions of the birds which are catching but they can hardly be predicted. The game is full of surprises. 

You are suggested to try over 300 levels and hidden levels available as a bonus. You will navigate plenty of characters with special abilities. There are 10 planets. You can prefer the zero-gravity space environment or use planets’ gravity. Do not forget about daily missions! And that enormous potential is all for you to play and win. Replayability is high.

For the Fans of:

  • Regular updates increasing lasting appeal;
  • Humorous powerful gameplay;
  • Boss fights.

New Planets, Birds, Superpowers

There are plenty of planets to explore here and they do differ a lot from each other. If you want to know how the low-gravity environment impacts on the gameplay, choose the corresponding feature, and learn the details. You will solve the slow-motion puzzles and complete plenty of missions. The title is worth attention even in particular if you like the genre. We’d even say that the sequel is better than the origin, but this is for you to decide.

Professional Review

by Alice Grace

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