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Super Mario Run Review: Legendary Runner

Super Mario Run is an endless runner with elements of the arcade game consisting of three modes: Kingdom Builder, World Tour, and Toad Rally, which are engrossing each in their own way. Download the title and try to perform all tasks you are suggested.

Key Passage

This title is a pure pleasure for all ages. You can play it on the go whenever you have time for it. If you have ever tried this franchise before, you know that the key character is supposed to run and jump his way passing through various obstacles. It seems to be so easy, but actually the higher complicity levels can be quite stressful. 

There are enemies that should be avoided or knocked off the way without blood and severe battles. Everything looks playful and, we’d say, sportive. Ensure that you have a stable Internet connection and enjoy the diverse environment, numerous Mario’s moves and abilities. 

He will meet enemies, pitfalls, gold coins, and more. Some objects should be avoided. The others should be picked up. And you cannot choose the direction Mario moves. There is a finish line and he will run towards it while you should respond to the obstacles, which you encounter in your path instantly to be able to continue. If you fail, the game will be over. 

Enjoy the simple controls where a longer holding allows you to make Mario jump instead of running.

Packed with Challenges

There are three modes that can be considered just as the games inside the game. For example, in the "Toad Rally" mode, your hero will compete against other players. You will participate in one-on-one races. In the Kingdom Builder mode, you will build the kingdom, collect and use the coins for being able to erect the complicated structures. 

The World Tour comes with six worlds, each of them consists of three levels. If you complete all of them, you will get access to the boss level. Here Mario just runs through those worlds, and you should make him jump in the right moment. 

You will play to a brand music which can be turned off if you want. You should know that first levels are free but the other ones should be paid for.

For the Fans of

  • Mario franchise;
  • Endless running;
  • Enjoyable gameplay.

Combination of Smooth Runner and Funny Challenges

The game is very well done in bright colors and with cute characters. The developer warns that he collects and shares the information of the players for a marketing purpose but mostly this app is safe. You will perform tasks, get rewards, buy decorations, and other stuff you need to enjoy the game even more.

Professional Review

by Alice Grace

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