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PUBG MOBILE Review: Pretty Busy Gameplay

PUBG MOBILE is a mobile version of the popular PC multiplayer title. It comes with almost the same gameplay for free. You will be involved in the Battle Royale with a vast area to explore and rich resources to mine and find. Be ready to perform numerous challenges in order to survive.

You Have All You Need to Win

The app is well designed with realistic visuals and distinct sounding. This release is developed for a mobile device that is why all peculiarities are considered. If you have ever played PUBG on a large screen, you will feel the difference against the mobile edition but still, you should agree that the graphics are brilliant. 

There are settings allowing you to adjust resolution and other moments to your preferences. Be sure that you are able to get the most out of the controls which are not primitive. 

The gameplay is diverse and requires accurate moves while the controls should allow you to perform to reach the result. It is better to spend some time polishing the controls to be sure of your skills.

What Should You Do?

First, you have no story here. Just battle against the enemy and enjoy rapid reactions, smooth fighting, and diverse options. There are almost no dialogues so that you can be focused on the current moment – action. 

You will fight against 99 other players participating in the event. You will land on the picturesque island rich in various biomes with plenty of details. You will survive only if you have skills, otherwise, you fizzle away. 

Master your shooting, aiming, completing challenges. Do not forget about strategic thinking and explore the detailed map. 

Thus, we cannot say that the title is simple but it is addictive – this is for sure. When you try, you will agree that the gameplay is deep. 

Choose among the modes: Battle Royal, Arcade and Classic or try them all one after another.

For the Fans of:

  • Weekly new maps, weapons, and challenges;
  • Beautiful realistic graphics;
  • Battle royal games with elements of strategy.

Prepare Your Money

PUBG comes with stunning visuals and diverse gameplay. It is updated every month that is why you can play it endlessly. 

In the beginning, it will not be difficult as far as most of the opponents are bots. When you level up, you’ll feel it become much more complicated. 

Mind that the superb graphics eat the spare place on your device. Again when you play for a long time, it can overheat the mobile device.

Professional Review

by Alice Grace

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