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Moto Rider GO Review: Complicated Traffic Driving

Moto Rider GO is a free game inviting you to have a breathtaking ride. You’ll get all you need to become the fastest rider competing with millions of other players. Be sure to get a lot of things supporting you while you are playing. If you benefit from the things you get, you will climb to the top of the leaderboard.

How Does it Look and Play?

The title comes with splendid 3D visuals. You will travel across four locations. You will pass by the night city and its suburbs, a desert and the places where snow has never ceased falling. 

Being well-designed, the title provides you with an animated speedometer and dash. Feel as if you are in the driving seat of a real vehicle. The environment on the road is quite rich and you will enjoy the picturesque landscapes around.

Impossible is Nothing

When you choose your most reliable and fastest motorcycle, you can start your ride proving your skills. You are suggested quite a wide range including superbikes and choppers with unique tuning options enhancing your play experience. You can find the body color you like most, to apply some cute details in accordance with your preferences. 

Moreover, you can dive deeper and reconsider your vehicle's speed and brakes – show your motor mechanic’s skills. 

There are four modes and four locations to try. You can ride on autobahn and highway, unlock achievements. Thus, replayability is rather high. 

Your results will be shown in the leaderboards. Try to become the first one! And that won’t be too easy as far as there are other vehicles on a road. Perhaps, you will not feel the obvious speed variation and the advertisement can be annoying. Still, you will enjoy the riding and even those speeding cars around preventing you from getting faster. Try to avoid accidents and, as a result, failures

For the Fans of

  • Addictive and endless gameplay;
  • High-performance motorbikes;
  • Customization as far as here you are suggested to benefit from a lot of options.

Ride in Your Particular Style

There are various motorbikes for you to choose here – from the classic models to off-road ones. Choose the one and get the bonuses and lives you need to succeed. You can tune it changing the appearance with various details, colors, designs. All items, you choose, impact your result in this game or, we’d say, on your ability to win. Thus, be responsible for your choices!

Professional Review

by Alice Grace

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