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Marvel Contest of Champions Review: No-Blood Brawling

Marvel is a fighting game being a spectacular screen version of the well-known comic book. Here you will be involved in epic fighting. There are Marvel superheroes and super villains that will meet to measure swords with each other. Just form a team of the characters with the appropriate abilities and engage in battles.

A Choice of Heroes and Attacks

Here you are suggested to start severe battles involving Wolverine, Captain America. Iron Man, Spider-Man, and much more. All characters are famous and powerful being able to gain a victory in the harshest possible way. And you are suggested to navigate them, direct and decide on their movements. 

This is a great Marvel story where the future waits on your skills. And you can show them applying a different control scheme. There is a light attack that is performed with simple tapping just in front of a character. It is almost instant and not too dangerous. 

If you want to do more damage, you are suggested to apply a medium attack with swiping. Again, you should perform the action in front of a character. And at last, the heavy attack requires tapping in front of a character and holding for a while. In this way, you can break through walls and strike the enemy.

Numerous Features

You can build an alliance of your friends and other players, develop a strategy, battle participating in Alliance Events. There are quest maps where you can earn the rewards. 

You should choose the heroes and villains to build the team of champions. You can collect them from the constantly added list and level them up trying to achieve the best synergy effect. 

There are also different locations where you will battle. Defeat the mighty opponent and perform the challenges in order to prevent total destruction of The Marvel Universe. There are many useful tools like multiple Mastery trees, interesting quest maps, and much more.

For the Fans of

  • Addictive gameplay full of diverse fighting;
  • An exciting storyline submitted in the manner typical of Marvel;
  • Diverse fighting controls.

Fun to Play and Easy to Control

Download this game to experience the engrossing fights which are available for free. You can participate in the Marvel Contest of Champions on the go and become the best of the best! There are really plenty of characters to choose from and they can be upgraded with cosmetics and abilities. You can obtain the other heroes paying for them in addition.

Professional Review

by Alice Grace

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