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Dragons Review: the Best of the Best

Dragons is an amazing simulation title where you will rescue and train the dragons. This is a well-designed fascinating game with the cute and eye-pleasing creatures which will set themselves against the newcomers threatening their settlement. It is free to play.

How to Play?

The dragons living in Berk are disturbed by some strangers which can be a threat for the dwellers of settlement. They want to protect the homeland looking for the methods to find out more about newcomers and avoid troubles. 

You can use all the dragons you see in the overpopulated Berk with their unique capabilities to perform the tasks in the best possible way. In order to achieve the best result, you should train your dragons teaching them to develop their skills and gain new ones to complete their mission. 

Though the title is available for free, you can spend your real money on the in-game purchases adding diversity and efficiency to your game. Though, you can play without them and even disable the option. Find the corresponding command in the mobile device's settings.

Endless Replayability

You are to navigate your dragons so that they could defend their settlement. There are over 400 species of these mystic creatures which are well known from the movies. You are expected to collect 75 various Dragon species and train them. At that, you will explore the Viking territory visiting 60 islands looking quite different. 

There are Legendary Dragons which are available for free being able to help with their unique powers. There are a lot of competitions, feasts, brawls where you can test your skills and get prizes. The replayability of this title is strong and you will emerge in it utterly. Enjoy the perfect visuals and audio effects with well-designed 3D animations.

For the Fans of

  • Cute dragons with diverse powers;
  • Training of the fighters for competitions;
  • Viking ages;
  • Stunning graphics.

Dragons are Going to Rise

The title suggests you to complete missions with all those dragons and enjoy the process while exploring the land, collecting the creatures, training them, and fighting. In order to benefit from the powerful gameplay, you should mind the application permissions. And by the way, the title downloads for over 5 minutes usually. You will enjoy every moment here!

Professional Review

by Alice Grace

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