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Death Shooter 2 Review: New Game with More Maps

Death Shooter 2 is a 3D zombie game made in the shooter genre. Here you will play in the first-person perspective as seen by the character without knowing how he appears to onlookers. The key objective is to shoot down all the zombies around.

How to Play?

This is one of the best Army titles. It teaches how you should protect your country from danger coming from attacks of the zombies. The title can be saved on your mobile device requiring a little of its space. It supports various devices with various operating systems. 

You will play Death Shooter 2 easily due to a comprehensive interface and responsive simple controls. To succeed you should know a range of peculiarities helping to win. If you want to improve your capacity and reduce the reloads, you should upgrade your weapon's magazine and scopes. 

Following the rules, you will save your time and effort. There are conditions when the bombs are safe and death of NPC is not spotted. And be ready for surprises if you meet star Enemy, try to kill him and succeed.


You will get a wide choice of weapons to fight against zombies which come in numerous types. You will explore several maps while playing in different game modes. 

There are plenty of details making the title complicated and packed with actions and possibilities. For instance, you can apply a silencer when you want your weapon to shoot softly. You will play this game endlessly upgrading the weapons and characters. Continue with the added fresh levels, completely new weapons, and even new maps. 

This zombie killer comes in Chinese initially that is why only some settings are available in English. Though, this is almost the only problem with it.

For the Fans of:

  • Severe and diverse first-person shooters;
  • Deep gameplay;
  • An absolutely destroying game;
  • Rich content with plenty of updates.

Enjoy Fighting

This title is developed with the help of brain scientists which have succeeded to reveal the secret of an addictive game. Thus, you can be sure to get engaged in this shooter providing plenty of challenges to complete. 

You will be focused on your weapon and combat assessing the situation around through the eyes of the character you navigate. Feel brave, gain experience, and be sure of your victory regardless of the complicity of the challenges.

Professional Review

by Alice Grace

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