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DEAD TARGET: Zombie Review: Strengthen Your Guard

Dead Target: Zombie is a well-done shooter developed in the horror genre with the stunning graphics and deep gameplay. Be sure that you will get an engrossing experience protecting yourself from the numerous zombies here.

Plot in Short

After the World War III happened in 2040, the world has changed. The Minister of Defense concluded an agreement with CS Corporation in accordance with which the prisoners should be transformed into killers. This plan is known as the Dead Target project. 

Later the contract was broken and CS submitted their requests based on their self-serving interests. If the requirements are not fulfilled, they threaten to arrange a zombie outbreak. The city was infected with zombies. Now, the struggle in the form of Apocalypse operation begins. 

The group of trained specialists is formed to collect the preliminary data allowing them to initiate the counter strike. As a result, only two of them survive and you will navigate one of them – agent M. You will explore the environment carefully looking for a safe place.

Full of Merits

First, when you download the title, you will see the perfect 3D graphics. The detailed textures and perfect lighting create a realistic environment. The sounding adds to this impression and supports immersive gameplay greatly. 

There are plenty of zombies of various forms. All of them have different abilities. There is a big Boss looking like a mountain. In addition, there is a virus attacking people. To fight against them, you should use the correspondent weapon types choosing among diverse shotguns, rifles, machines, grenade launchers. You can aim at their heads or chop the limb or do other things that can kill them. 

Enjoy the possibilities coming with the new content of coming updates. If you want to get even more gameplay, you can spend your time on quests, achievements. When you complete them, you unlock various items. Still, your key objective is to kill as many zombies as you can. The progress will be recorded. You can play with your friends comparing the progress with each other.

For the Fans of:

  • Numerous battles in various maps;
  • Smart puzzles when you should be attentive to every object which can be the answer or a tip;
  • Precise shooting and accurate smooth controls.

Solid Awarding for Achievements

Dead Target: Zombie is free of charge inviting you to eliminate zombies of various types. You are suggested to complete various missions applying various weapons. Do your best to succeed, increase your rank opening additional missions, and enjoy replayability of the game.

Professional Review

by Alice Grace

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