Otranto and its Historical Buildings: the Carl V Castle

Among the most beautiful cities that Salento has inside, it is impossible not to include the beautiful Otranto, full of postcard landscapes, dream beaches and many places of historical and artistic interest.

A city to discover and to live intensely during your summer holidays.

One aspect that has contributed to the growth of Salento as a tourist destination of excellence is the quantity and quality of accommodation.

It will not be difficult to find a location with all the amenities in Otranto that offers last minute offers, ideal for combining useful and enjoyable.

The advice is to choose a support point in an optimal position to move easily in the territory.

A building that absolutely deserves to be visited is undoubtedly the Castle Charles V, a fortress created to defend the city from the continuous incursions of foreign peoples from the sea.

Otranto in fact, has always been considered since ancient times, a very important place for trade and connections with the East, thanks to its particular geographical position.

Theodore and Justinian provided to plan the construction of high defensive walls alternating with towers and the position of the castle itself, or near the sea. But it was then the Byzantines who improved the defensive structures of the city.

Originally, the layout of the walls followed a polygonal shape and observing them it is easy to understand how they date back to different eras: some rocks are connected to the Roman era, others to the Greek era and still others are attributable to particular techniques of Spanish construction.

As far as the Castle is concerned, most of the works were carried out by the Spanish viceroys, flanked by some parts of the courtyard and a tower, which date back to the Aragonese period. The Castle has a pentagonal plan, three towers and a large moat.

When you get to the castle you will easily notice the majestic coat of arms of Charles V fixed on the door, and you can make your entrance into the structure to the north, along a curtain that extends for about twenty meters. Beautiful and imposing are its two circular towers, equipped with gunboats and having the same shape, although slightly different in diameter.

Even the interior will leave you speechless and you can visit its spacious rooms, in which are often organized important historical, artistic and cultural events.

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