If in Summer you Want to Travel to the City…

Summer is not so far away and the time has come to plan some missions. From Australia to Istanbul, traveling around the world among magnificent cities for an interesting summer vancaza.


An interesting alternative to Sydney is Melbourne, which welcomes you in the arms of a cosmopolitan city where skyscrapers flank beautiful theaters and galleries. Melbourne’s lavish parks, gardens and waterways give it an air of calm, while Melbourne’s beaches and the Yarra River give lovers a place to escape from the bustling city center. For those who have already visited Sydney or simply want a different Australian experience, Melbourne is the ideal place and served by numerous flights.


Flying to Australia may take about 20 hours from Europe, but this trip is definitely worth it! The most popular arrival point is Sydney and what better way to soak up some of the Aussie atmosphere than by visiting Bondi, a popular surfing meeting place and a modern coastal resort. Dozens of cafes, bars and restaurants overlook the beach and nearby there is a beautiful folk park with skaters, skaters and cyclists. Quickly accessible from central Sydney by local buses, Bondi is Australia’s most iconic beach. Sydney can be reached from many European capitals, many of which are connected to Asia or Dubai.


Thailand’s capital offers an intoxicating mix of climate-controlled mega malls just minutes from ancient temples and crazy as well as bustling markets. This really exciting city is a great introduction to Asia with fantastic food, warmth, beautiful people and unparalleled outings. Try a dinner cruise on the Chao Phraya River at sunset, go shopping at the Chatuchak market at the weekend, or try something new and different, maybe a Segway tour through Bangkok’s historic sites with a private two-wheeled carrier!

New York

New York is one of the most famous cities in the world and remains one of the main landmarks of the planet. In the ‘Big Apple’ you’ll find everything from culture to art and elegant shopping, but don’t miss the vibrancy found in its parks and cafes. It’s best not to plan too much. New York City works best when you let yourself go. Getting there is easy; as it is one of the most popular destinations in the world, flights to New York are available in most major cities, capitals and not.


Istanbul is probably one of the most underrated cities in Europe. It is spread over seven hills and is surrounded by several seas (the Black Sea, the Sea of Marmore and the Bosphorus). Istanbul is a bridge between Europe and Asia, both culturally and physically, making it an intriguing mix of East and West. The city is full of culture and a visit to St. Sophia is a must! Throughout its long history it has been a cathedral, a basilica, a mosque, and now it is a stunning museum. First you will be struck by the size, but then come the finest details: impressive archangels, extraordinarily worked tiles and upstairs, the beautiful gold leaf mosaic. Istanbul is a city served by many low-cost companies that depart from the major cities of Europe.

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