About us

Hello to everyone!

This is the FranklAngella team with our vast collection of thoroughly selected apps for Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone. Do you need some good software stuff for your smartphone? We already have it on our site, and we are ready to share it with each and every one of our users!

Are you enthusiastic about the super features we can bring to your beloved device? We are going to excite you with the best mobile titles which you can use to your advantage in so many aspects.

FranklAngella offers you:

  • to become more productive;
  • to have more fun in your life;
  • to get more things done only with the help of your smartphone;
  • to communicate with anyone on the go;
  • to enjoy your hobbies like listening to music and podcasts, and so on.
Do you know the key to all the named activities? This is the smartphone in your hands combined with apps from our catalog. The formula is so simple for you to strike gold with our catalog: take your phone and download any app from our portal. Enhance your user experience with FranklAngella.