A Few Miles Away From The Gargano, Here Are The Tremiti Islands

The Tremiti Islands are also called “Pearls of the Mediterranean”, for their beauty. Located about 12 miles from the Gargano promontory, this archipelago consists of four islands, which stand out in these crystal clear waters, one of the main attractions for Italian tourists and beyond. The islands in question are: San Nicola, San Domino, Cretaccio, Caprara, all located about 11 miles from the island of Pianosa.

To reach this beautiful archipelago there are ferries Tremiti, which depart directly from Rhodes, Peschici, Vieste, Manfredonia, and Termoli. Taking advantage of this service in a short time you can reach this paradise on earth, surrounded by nature. But for those who want to reach these islands in less time, then there are the Tremiti hydrofoils, which in a very short time, transport tourists directly to this archipelago.

Let’s see specifically these four islands, different from each other, both for the conformation of the territory, and for what is then the main function they perform. For example, St. Nicholas, is certainly the administrative, historical and religious center of the entire archipelago. Here are concentrated all the traces of the past, with many historical finds, which allow you to understand how you lived on these islands before, the culture, customs and traditions of local people. 42 hectares of island, which allow you to fully experience the culture of the population of Tremiti, as well as enjoy an extraordinary sea.

The island of San Domino, however, is a kind of nature reserve, because it is almost entirely covered with forests of Aleppo pine, and was nicknamed by the Benedictines: the Garden of Paradise, for the variety of flowers that are present on the island. As for the coast, being very jagged, offers the opportunity for tourists to benefit from countless coves where you can swim in clear waters. The island of San Domino is also famous for its many rocks, which take on the most incredible forms: from that of the elephant, to that of the pyramid, to those depicting the haystacks. Visiting these coasts with a boat, you can admire them all, and also explore the many caves that are present in this area, such as that of violets, that of swallows and that of the sea ox.

Among the most important beaches to visit are Cala Matano, Cala delle Arene and the Pagliai beach, which can only be reached directly from the sea.

Cretaccio is a rocky island of yellow color, therefore completely of clayey nature, and this thing makes it always in prey to the atmospheric agents and therefore subject to corrosion.

We close with the last of the four islands, Caprata, also known as Capraia or Capperaia, which is totally uninhabited, with its 45 hectares of wildlife, and the famous tip of the lighthouse that is a real spectacle for the eyes.

The Tremiti archipelago, therefore, is a perfect mix of these four islands that contain culture, food and wine, nature and a spectacular sea to live in all its facets.

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